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Film Slitting Blades

Film Slitting Blades

Whether you slit, cut, rewind, cut off or perforate film and/or foil, Baucor manufactures and supplies the right cutting blade for your film & foil converting applications. Some of our packaging knife applications include perforating, guillotine cut, rewinding and cut off. Our machine knives and industrial blades for film & foil conversion are in straight, circular, pointed tip, toothed, serrated, scalloped, perforated and many other shapes.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

Does your blade break or need resharpening all the time or you think it's not a good suite to your application? Baucor designs and manufactures custom and standard size precision film & foil cutting blades that would last longer than any competitor's blade.  With our optimized solutions specifically designed for each customer's need, Baucor has helped many customers resolve their blade performance issues and optimize their cut applications for the last 45 years.

We are the Experts in UK in Manufacturing Custom Film Slitting Blades

We are highly specialized in manufacturing custom film slitting blades per sample and drawing. If you need your knives manufactured to your exact requirements, please contact us now get to a free quote. If you have a drawing, sketch or written specifications for the blade you need, please let us know.

BAUCOR® has three main offices located in Sheffield - United Kingdom, California - USA, and Mannheim - Germany to reach and serve our customers globally. In Our UK office, we design, engineer our precision industrial blades, machine knives, custom tools manufactured to exact specifications.

We supply thousands of in-stock BAUCOR® industrial blades and machine knives from our UK location.

Contact our experienced sales engineers in our United Kingdom office to discuss your needs.

Please contact us today filling out our online form here to ask about specific size and models and an extensive list of standard in-stock industrial blades and machine knives. If you have a drawing, sample or your desired specifications for a custom blade you need manufactured, please send them using our our online form here.